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会社紹介 / Company Profile

社名 オーディージョンサウンドラボ合同会社(AudiiSion Sound Lab. LLC)

CEO 落合 興一郎(Koichiro Ochiai)

CTO 岩村 宏(Hiroshi Iwamura)

設立 2020年10月(October, 2020)

住所 115-0045 東京都北区赤羽 2-50-6(2-50-6, Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo, 115-0045)


事業内容(Business Details)

オーディージョンサウンドラボは、イヤホン、ヘッドホン、ネックバンドスピーカー向けの立体・空間音響を、一般的なHRTF(Head Related Transfer Function – 頭部伝達関数)を使わずに、独自に開発したAPTF(Auditory Perceptual Transfer Function – 脳内認識伝達関数)とデジタル信号処理で実現します。

AudiiSion Sound Lab. provide an algorithm that creates 3D and spatial sound by digital signal processing, which originally developed APTF (Auditory Perceptual Transfer Function) for earphones, headphones and neckband speakers without using typical HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function).



"listening to sound" in the human real world is to capture sound information into the human brain using the ear as a sensor. Then, our brain comprehensively judges loudness, direction, position, etc. of the sound from various visual information and past knowledge. However, since various information is restricted when "listening to sound" with an audio devices or equipment, our hearing is different from hearing in the real world. That will not make immersed.

私たちは錯聴=聴覚の錯覚(Auditory Illusion )とデジタル信号処理により、臨場感や没入感に優れた実世界で「音を聴く」ような試聴環境を創り出します。

We aim to create a deep immersive feeling that "listens to the sound" in the real world even in general audio hearing.

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