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小型ステレオスピーカーで立体的な音像を再現する AUv3 プラグインです



コピーライト表示の必要はありませんが、AudiiSion EP/SP 使用の表記等歓迎いたします。本アプリは、AudiiSion EP/SP をみなさんにご体験いただくことを目的としております。正式版の公開は未定です。

This is an AUv3 plugin that reproduces a three-dimensional sound image using compact stereo speakers. After the initial launch (which may take a few minutes to set up and load built-in track), you can play test track within the app and use it by calling it from other AUv3-compatible apps (GarageBand, other DAWs, AUv3-compatible players, etc.).

You can use it for approximately 90 days. The source must be in stereo; it will not be effective in mono. There are no specific restrictions on the use of the generated content.

However, there is a possibility of future installation on playback devices. In such cases, there may be adverse effects due to double processing when playing files processed by this app.

We recommend using it for limited-time projects such as distribution, demos, and installations, rather than permanent packages. There is no need to display copyright, but a statement such as 'using AudiiSion EP/SP' is welcome.

This app is intended to allow you to experience AudiiSion EP/SP. 
The release date of the official version is undecided.

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