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プライバシーポリシー / Privacy Policy



1. 収集される情報

2. 情報の使用
この情報は、本アプリケーションおよび AudiiSion EP/SP の性能と機能を向上させるためにのみ使用されます。

3. ユーザーの権利

4. その他のデータ収集

The Application provided by AudiiSion Sound Lab. LLC collects content and device information only when the user submits feedback.

1. Collected Information
The collected information includes the content of the feedback and device information.

2. Use of Information
This information will be used only to improve the performance and functionality of this application and AudiiSion EP/SP.

3. User Rights
Users have the right to access, correct, or delete their personal data. To exercise these rights, please contact us at the provided contact information.

4. No Other Data Collection
No other user information will be collected.

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