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AudiiSion EPはイヤホン・ヘッドホン試聴時の頭内定位を解消し頭外定位を実現するデジタル信号処理技術。人間の脳内認識の仕組みに着目し、音像空間認を阻害しないAPTF(脳内認識伝達関数)を独自に開発(特許取得済み)。”AudiiSion EP”は、リアルな音を聴く体験と没入感を創り出します。


AudiiSion EP is unique digital signal processing technology that eliminates in-head localization and realizes out-of-head localization when listening to earphones and headphones. Focusing on the mechanism of recognition in the human brain, we have independently developed an APTF (Auditory Perceptual Transfer Function) that does not interfere with spatial recognition of sound images (patented). “AudiiSion EP” creates experience of real sound listening and immersive feeling.

  • 個人に最適化したHRTF(頭部伝達関数)を使わない

  • 専用の音源を使わずに、通常のステレオ音源から実現

  • 演算量が少なく低消費電力&低遅延

  • 効果の個人差・音質差が非常に小さい

  • 音像定位がクリアで聴き分けやすい

  • スピーカー再生時に悪影響がほとんどない

  • No use HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Functions) optimized for individuals

  • Produce from a normal stereo sound source without using a dedicated sound source

  • Small calculation, low power consumption and latency  

  • Small individual differences and sound quality degradation

  • Clear sound image localization and easy listen to distinguish

  • Almost no impact when playing through speakers

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